Harvard Business Review (2015) vol. 1-2

Harvard Business Review (2015) vol. 1-2

...ool of Business Administration. Subjects ... Harvard Business Review - Wikipedia ... . Business — Periodicals. Economic history — Periodicals. Medical Subjects. Commerce — periodicals. Summary Contents Harvard Business Review on Leadership gathers together eight of the Harvard Business Review's most influential articles on leadership, challenging many long-held assumptions about the true sources of power and authority. A Harvard Business Review Paperback. Adams, K. 2015. Even women think men a ... What VUCA Really Means for You by Nathan Bennett, James ... ... . Adams, K. 2015. Even women think men are more creative. Harvard Business Review (December): 30-31.. Ashford, S. J. and J. Detert. 2015. Get the boss to buy in. Learn to sell your ideas up the chain of command. It doesn't have to be this way, say Porter, of Harvard Business School, and Kramer, the managing director of the social impact advisory firm FSG. Companies could bring business and society back together if they redefined their purpose as creating "shared value"—generating economic value in a way that also produces value for society by addressing its challenges. Información de la revista Harvard business review. págs. 108-116 LIVING IN THE FUTURES. Angela Wilkinson, Roland Kupers. Resumen...


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